Car Servicing

We pride ourselves in replacing all service parts as standard, as well as carrying out an extensive inspection of your vehicle.

The service parts include; appropriate oiloil filterair filterpollen filterfuel filter (external to tank) and spark plugs (petrol engines).

It is important to note that some vehicles are fitted with long-life car service parts. These are parts which are designed to last several years and do not need replacing at every service.

It is because of this design feature that long-life service parts are considerably more expensive than standard car service parts.

If your vehicle is fitted with long-life service parts (such as platinum spark plugs for example) then you may incur an additional charge for their renewal. That is only if they are due to be changed and you have authorized their replacement.

Useful Information

Regular servicing extends the life of your car, improves fuel economy, reduces the risk of avoidable repair bills and the inconvenience of mechanical breakdown.

Most manufacturers recommend that their vehicles are serviced every 12 months or 12,000 miles.

The minimum road safety requirements of an MOT should not be confused as a substitute for servicing your vehicle.

We test overall performance and handling of the vehicle - paying particular attention to any noises or issues associated with steering, suspension, brakes, clutch, bearings and exhaust (e.g. knocking, juddering, pulling etc).


RENEW AIR FILTER (Long life service parts may incur an additional charge)


RENEW FUEL FILTER (Long life service parts may incur an additional charge)

RENEW SPARK PLUGS (Long life spark plugs may incur an additional charge)

Check tyres: tread, pressures, condition, sizes, fitment, including spare

Check wheels and valves

Check complete brake system. Includes callipers, pipes, hoses, cables, pads and discs.

Check suspension condition, wear, movement, dust covers/gaiters. Includes shocks, springs, ball joints, arms, links

Check steering condition, wear, movement, dust covers. Includes rack, arms, rods, joints, hoses, pump

Check drive shafts/ prop shafts, cv joints, gaiters

Check wheel bearings

Check exhaust system, mountings, rubbers

Check transmission condition/gear box fluid

Check engine for oil leaks

Check fuel system for petrol/diesel leaks

Check chassis for rust/corrosion on sills and prescribed areas

Check and advise timing belt replacement interval

Reset service lights (Subject to the availability of data and equipment)


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